Infographic: The Many Epic Smackdowns Of Donald Trump

After Deadspin broke the sports scoop of the season–that Manti Te’o’s dead girlfriend was either a total fabrication or a beyond-pitiful episode of Catfish–Donald Trump took to Twitter to congratulate the team on their major story. Like a king or a president, this was a moment of ceremonial acknowledgement. Deadspin had done good by Trump. Trump was pleased. Trump would let the masses know.

Deadspin responded: “Go fuck yourself.”

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The retort immediately went viral, retweeted over a thousand times in minutes. But as this infographic by Hilary Sargent so artfully conveys, it wasn’t the first time someone told Trump to hush up and let the grownups finish talking.

Because if you thought Deadspin’s response was crude, it’s only because you never saw Stephen Colbert’s offer to pay $1 million to place his “balls” in Trump’s mouth or Bill Maher’s slightly more impressive ($5 million) offer to prove Trump wasn’t an orangutan. But Mark Cuban–the ever-thoughtful entrepreneur–was the only one really trying to get something truly practical out of the deal, when he offered Trump a million bucks to put a horrifically diseased animal to rest and, at last, shave his head.

So no, Deadspin’s Trump smackdown wasn’t the first and won’t likely be the last. But at least we can be sure by now that whenever we tire of that little insect buzzing in our ear, a flyswatter with a grudge will be waiting just a few moments away.

See it here.

[Hat tip:]MW