A Modular DIY Kit For Furniture Made Out Of Things You Already Own

If you’re like me, you keep whole closets full of old stuff because you know it’d make a cool project (someday). The problem is that day doesn’t always come. Loose Joints, a kit designed by German designer Joscha Weiand, is meant to help you take that DIY furniture project to the next level.

Weiand graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven, where Loose Joints was his thesis project. The set consists of two simple components: seven types of white plastic joints about the size of dice, plus a load of simple wooden poles. It’s up to the user to concoct shapes and forms, which, as Weiand demonstrates, can get surprisingly complex. For example, he’s used the kit to construct a vortex-like cage for a hanging light and a rough facsimile of Marcel Breuer’s Wassily Chair.

The idea behind Loose Joints is to capitalize on what we already own–a bit like a furniture version of F.A.T Lab’s Universal Toy Construction Kit. Weiand says that he wants to empower people to make unique objects using mass-produced materials. “These days many products are mass produced to keep up with demand and lower cost,” he explains. “This means that many of us have exactly the same products in our homes. Loose Joints is a modular system that can be mass produced but can also be used to create unique products.”

Check out more about Loose Joints on Weiand’s website.

[H/t Inhabitat]KCD