Flat-Pack Furnishings Reinvented With High-Style Polish

As fun as it is to scroll (and scroll and scroll) through the endless abundance of good design online, sometimes–if you’re lucky–you’re actually looking to buy. Unlike the pretty pictures, however, furnishings can be big, heavy, unwieldy, and an all-around force to be reckoned with when physical shipping and handling is involved–and that’s to say nothing of the cost of coordinating a fully formed item to arrive at your doorstep.

In order to minimize unnecessary bulk, Helsinki-based One Nordic has introduced a new collection of products that stack, fold, lock, and flex–smart but beautiful, clever without compromising quality. This dedicated attention to easy assembly is one of the emerging brand’s hallmarks, which reveals its keen understanding of the modern marketplace and logistics of online retail.

Each of the pieces in the latest range is ultra-minimal, with a twist. Swedish studio Form Us With Love contributed three editions: The spun-metal shades of Levels nest when at rest but form a tiered lamp when suspended from above–and, charmingly, wouldn’t look out of place as a hat for any one of the dudes from Devo–while the Bento series of tables and chairs all come (nearly) completely flat, ready to slip together in a few simple steps, sans bolts or screws.

Luca Nichetto’s Hai lounger is astonishingly limber, with a backrest that can completely collapse forward, then provide perfectly comfortable lumber support once erect again. Everything from skateboards to extendable scissor-lift trucks provided further inspiration for the rest of the collection, which made its debut at Stockholm Design Week, which takes place this year from February 4 through 10.JK