• 02.14.13

Just The Most Beautiful Deck Of Cards We’ve Ever Seen

Tyler Deeb just wanted to illustrate a nice deck of cards. Kickstarters responded with almost $150,000 in orders.

Just The Most Beautiful Deck Of Cards We’ve Ever Seen

It all began as a “purely creative exercise.” “My freelance work had dried up, and I needed to keep myself busy. I wasn’t trying to capture the interest of a certain market. I simply wanted to try my hand at branding something that had a lot of components, that had a deep heritage and that I felt had practical use.”


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That’s Tyler Deeb. Not so long ago, he put a $15 deck of cards up on Kickstarter, hoping to accrue the $6,000 to send them into production. What happened instead was one of those dreams Kickstarter is made of–4,000 backers showed up out of nowhere, pledging $146,000 to support the project. “I never thought people would care this much. . .not in a 100 years,” he says today. “I am floating in a sea of amazement.”

It wasn’t just any old deck of cards, of course. With a creative-sabbatical approach, Deeb crafted his deck from top to bottom, designing every aspect, from the illustrations of royalty to his own font-like riff on the traditional hearts, spades, clubs, and diamonds. The effect is borderline antique without feeling retro, like a one-off deck built for a high-stakes poker game in some Hollywood period piece.

Now in their second printing, this edition of cards will feature metallic gold backs, and they’ll reside in a bold red box that’s printed with gold foil highlights. Red and gold–it’s an incestuous duo of royal opulence that will make your imported clay poker chips look cheap. And should you prefer to look more Wayne than Lannister, the deck will also be available in black.

Reserve either today for $15. Impress your friends, and totally intimidate yourself when you play solitaire.

Pre-order them here.

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