An Adorable Lamp That Looks Like A Friendly Cartoon Character

Hlynur Atlason’s first collaboration with Artecnica brings fun and physicality to the lighting field.

Our relationship to modern lighting is evolving at a rapid pace. Smart tech and all those itty-bitty LEDs are rendering the concept of a traditional fixture–one with a shade, a base, and an on/off switch–all but completely unnecessary. But like any other kind of furnishings, the actual, real-life presence of a lamp is something that can help truly personalize a room. Reykjavik-born, NYC-based designer Hlynur Atlason brought a playful physicality back to the field with Yorky, his first collaboration with the globally minded Los Angeles brand Artecnica.


The name itself is a take on the adorable dog breed, but the mini-megaphone-with-legs shape looks more like a friendly cartoon character; it’s not tough to imagine it hopping through a Pixar film, palling around with an anthropomorphic coffee table and tough-talking throw pillow.

And while most lights are the set-it-and-forget-it type–once they find a home on the shelf, they stay put until it’s time to redecorate–Yorky encourages a new kind of tactile interaction. The flexible silicone form can be propped up on two feet for uplighting, tipped over on its side to shine across a domestic expanse, or even hung from a wall by the white cord (or “leash,” as Artecnica puts it). The spring-like pink and yellow hues seem tailor-made for the kids’ room, but Yorky’s just-this-side-of-cutesy form can brighten up a grown-up space as well.

In terms of staying true to Artecnica’s sustainable vision, the item’s production included a few tweaks to ensure easy and efficient delivery. “We had the choice of selling it completely assembled,” Artecnica artistic director Tahmineh Javanbakht tells Co.Design. “But we wanted to have a much smaller package to make for a greener product.” As such, Atlason split the Yorky in two separate pieces that are simple to put together when this sweet lil’ guy arrives on your doorstep.