A Table Lamp Inspired By A Fallen Weathervane

Vinge ditches switches for an elegant dimmer wing.

When Stockholm-based studio Note teamed up with Örsjö Belysning to create a new fixture for the noted Swedish lighting manufacturer, their open-ended directive afforded the kind of freedom that fuels designers’ dreams. “The brief was simple,” Note’s Kristoffer Fagerström tells Co.Design. “‘Don’t mind the technical details; if you can design it, we can produce it.’”


As such, the Note team had a “really good time” during the creative process, toying with a series of wide-ranging plans before beginning to develop what would eventually become Vinge–or “wing.” The project started to find its true shape after Fagerström happened upon a standard weathervane that had been blown down from its rooftop spot. “It had such a distinct functional feature–to be affected by the winds. I wanted to embrace that physical element into our design.”

In order to translate that concept to a table lamp, they came up with Vinge’s signature vane–an intuitive dimmer switch with a 180-degree range that takes it from off to on with a seamless succession of illumination in between. “The light does not just appear,” Fagerström says. “You have to interact with it to set its strength, and it becomes like an extension or enhancement of your movement.”

Once the mechanics were established, Note set about perfecting the aesthetics, which involved committing significant time and energy towards developing the ideal dome. “We didn’t want a flat, homogenic shade,” Fagerström says. “It was tricky to find just the right kind of whiteness in the glass to let the user see the bright core without being able to see the bulb inside. It needed to have a slight transparency to bring the shade to life.”

Three color options–monochromatic white, red/orange, and black with solid brass–give each model a different personality, and the piece fits in with the rest of Note’s clean-lined, playful collection. Seriously, have a look through their brilliant archives of studio work and commissions; I’m fond of Peep, Tembo, and Settler.

Contact Örsjö for Vinge prices and shipping info.