Infographic: A Beautiful Calendar Designed Around 12 Different Types Of Measurement

Not the most functional calendar, nor the most efficient reference for conversions, but certainly one of the more beautiful examples of either you’re likely to find.

Calendars come in all sorts of forms, from the purely functional apps on our smartphones to the propped-up desktop ones that are mostly just a means of delivering a new Far Side joke every day. The Units of Measure Calendar Poster, as its name suggests, isn’t the most straightforward one to categorize. Or even one that’s easy to recognize as a calendar at all.


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It’s supposed to be hung, for one thing–not like the folded calendars you stick to the side of your refrigerator, but mounted on the wall, like a poster. It doesn’t leave any room for you to jot down appointments, though it does include all 365 days, which you can notch off one by one. Mostly, it’s just an exquisite graphical compilation of 12 different units of measurement, a tightly packed collection of diagrams and conversion tables and other neat looking things of the sort.

The section related to January, for example, concerns itself with units related to temperature, and it’s arranged in a thin vertical strip, like a thermometer. October deals with the astronomical units and includes a diagram of the solar system. December takes on that most festive matter of decibel pressure. All of the measurement-related information is in black, with the date elements, cleverly incorporated into the diagrams they accompany, rendered in a nice copper color.

So it may not help you keep track of all your meetings, but it will make you look brainy. And, perhaps, serve as a quick reference when the Internet is out and you need a quick refresh on what, exactly, a “joule” is. “We can’t compete with the smartphone or computer calendars in terms of functionality,” explains Zheng Tianyu Isaiah, a partner at Acre, the Singapore-based studio that produced the work. “So I guess it is meant to be a calendar built around useful content.” Or just a pretty thing to hang next to your desk for a year.

You can grab one here for $21.