The Strange Duo Of Sausage And Bubblegum Depicted In Glass

Sausage and bubblegum? One might think the duo would be about as successful as that classic combo of Nuts and Gum–that is to say, not at all, and an all-around terrible idea–but Katja Pettersson managed to make a perfect paring, shown as part of the Glass Elephant exhibition during Stockholm’s recent design week.

The directive for the show was to use glass as muse while exploring the unique outcomes that can occur when contrasts come together. Pettersson–one of the founding members of Swedish design group Front, who now lectures, works independently, and heads up the Fifty Fifty Projects–wanted to tackle a kind of synesthesia through design. In other words, can you sense a taste by seeing a form?

She began brainstorming by asking herself a series of questions that revolved around the materiality and basic qualities of each of her chosen component parts, resulting in a pretty amusing list: How much does a sausage weigh? Are men or women usually barbecuing? What does bubblegum taste like? How smart is a person blowing bubbles, and how big can those bubbles be?

The concept for a pendant came to her in the middle of a sleepless night. “A few years ago, I had a long discussion with a lamp maker about the problem that glass lamps don’t hang straight,” she tells Co.Design. “So in this project, I used that as a positive force. It was super simple–I used gravity, moved the wire off-center, and voila!”

When presented together with the wurst–which is, in fact, sandblasted, colored glass–the result is a truly strange sensual experience. And after seeing Sam Baron‘s stunning and oh-so-delicate glass sausage display in the NoHo Design District a few years back, all it takes is one more and we’ve got a trend, right?JK