BioLite’s New Add-On Lets You Cook And Charge

BioLite CampStove, the biomass stove that serves as both a heater and a gadget charger, was an easy sell to begin with. The $129 stove (which won one of our Innovation by Design Awards) was an incredible innovation for campers and urbanites alike, and even came in handy for many stranded New Yorkers after Hurricane Sandy. But the young company’s latest accessory–the Portable Grill–makes it even better.

The snap-on accessory, which retails for $60, is designed to attach temporarily to the BioLite Camp Stove, perching on two spring-loaded legs. The surface is grated like a normal grill, but the heat reaches the food via a perforated metal plate that distributes heat evenly across its surface. Once it’s set up, it’ll give you 55 square inches of cooking space, which is more than enough for a pair of dogs or burgers (or avocados, suit yourself). A central lid lets you refill the fire with biomass (twigs or what have you), and a plastic storage lid serves as a handy plate. The whole contraption weighs less than two pounds.

Of course, grill purists will grumble that food cooked without charcoal won’t taste as good. And they may be right–the device wasn’t designed for grilling out on the deck. But in a situation where you can’t build a traditional campfire, this thing could be a godsend. It works on roofs, too: the team at BioLite tried it out on their office’s icy rooftop earlier this month, netting several chicken portobello sausages cooked on flames fueled by pine cones and sticks.

Buy it here for $60.KCD