• 03.01.13

Hand-Tufted Rugs Inspired By Street Scenes

Form Us With Love took to the streets of their hometown to find inspiration for the new Hidden Stockholm collection.

Rugs have a tough life. The domestic mainstays are forever required to strike the perfect balance between hard-wearing and soft-to-the-touch; no matter how long they last and how good they look, they’re only ever going to get walked all over and trod upon. Despite their durability, however, there is incredible–and surprisingly delicate–beauty to be found in the production of the best of the best.


Swedish studio (and Co.Design-approved shapers of the future) Form Us With Love recently debuted Hidden Stockholm, a series of three new carpets that pay touching tribute to the hues that saturate their hometown. Each of the piece’s abstract motifs emerged after the team took to the streets that surround their urban HQ one day. They looked closely at the built environment, collecting details such as texture and light. “Every city has its own character and our study reminded us that we shall never forget the work that has been done before us,” they explained in a release. “They are all tales of designers choosing colors for the city–honoring the planner who picked blue for the street signs or the architect who insisted on a new, pink façade.”

They teamed up with JoV, a multicultural manufacturer with a background that reads like a veritable Benetton ad; the Porto, Portugal, factory is owned by a Belgian family and specializes in bespoke, hand-tufted, New Zealand wool creations. Together, JoV and FUWL released a short video documenting the making of Hidden Stockholm, and the process itself is captivating; watching the tufts emerge is like seeing dark ink slowly spread through water and knowing how these abstract works were made adds a new dimension to their unique narratives.