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Infographic of the Day

Infographic: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask About Poop

The average person defecates two pounds a day. Except ladies and priests, of course.

Infographic: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask About Poop

You’d think that in any poop infographic, the grossest proposition would be the poo. Common mistake. The grossest proposition is actually what you might learn about poop. And in this case, the grossest thing you might learn about poop is that 8% of your defecation is comprised of dead bacteria. Given that the average person poops about two pounds per day (more in some cases), that works out to about 2.5 ounces just in dead bacteria—the rough equivalent of a large bag of PopChips.

These are the wonderful things we’re learning, thanks to the efforts of Raj Kamal. We excrete as much dead bacteria as we do insoluble fiber, a vast majority (75%) of our fecal matter is water (there’s nothing gross about water, people!), and our body really clings to proteins and fats, since there’s almost none of either dropped into the bowl.

But I do have one qualm with Kamal’s masterpiece: Was it really a more appetizing proposition to color this turd in vivid colors rather than good old browns? All I can think is, did some guy eat a whole tub of rainbow sherbert? Or, if you were to diligently sort a case of Skittles into their respective colors, then you ate just one color at a time—waiting roughly 20 minutes between each pile—is this the infographic that you’d create in the process?

If you laughed at any of that, grow up. It’s none of these reasons. But I always knew there was a practical purpose for Playdough being edible.

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[Image: TP via Shutterstock]