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With an eggplant, a kiwi, a carrot, some mushrooms and strawberries, and a bunch of grapes, you could make a really weird smoothie. Or you could dump them all out on your floor, wire them up to your synthesizer, and play those delicious fruits and veggies like instruments, looping up a nice rendition of the Massive Attack song "Teardrop," known to many as the theme to the hit TV show House. Guess which one of those two things makes for a hit YouTube video!

The madman behind the cover is the Brooklyn-based artist j.viewz, and as the clip begins, we see him scouring the produce section. He holds up an eggplant and taps it with a satisfying thud. "Bass drum," he says. Next he grabs a carrot. "Hi-hats."

After gathering his gear, he returns home, where we see that the setup isn’t quite as complex as you might imagine—the artist basically just jabs a wire into each item, creating an open circuit that closes with his touch. He then proceeds to jam out, using the edibles to summon a flurry of pre-recorded samples, at one point doing an especially impressive little drum pattern with the eggplants. It’s all great fun. And if he ever gets the urge to do a more ambitious track, there are plenty more instruments for him to try.