• 03.15.13

12 Trippy Scenes From The Master Of GIFs

More mesmerizing work from one of Tumblr’s most beloved artists.

If it’s possible to be an animated GIF auteur, Matthew DiVito deserves the distinction. He’s one of the few people working in the format to pay attention to everything going on in the frame, the entire mise en scene of the thing, which might seem silly when you’re talking about a 500-by-500-pixel image of a spinning neon crystal, but you’ll see what I mean. In DiVito’s GIFs, the floating whatsits are just part of the appeal–each image is also a tiny study of light and texture and ambiance, all conducted within the restraints of Tumblr’s file-size limits.


That’s where DiVito posts his work, under the name mr. div, and these are just a selection from the last nine months or so of his postings (we covered his earlier work last year). For the most part, the new images continue working within the aesthetic bounds he’s staked out previously. “Even though the GIFs don’t interact with each other, I like to think they all sort of exist in the same dreamlike alternate universe,” he told Creative Review last year. And that’s fine. I’m not in any rush for him to find a new world to animate.

See more of DiVito’s work on his blog.