A Modular Pendant Lamp That Fits Any Space

There are lots of ways to divide up the great wide open of an interior space, but most of them are floor-bound: think screens, shelves, and sofas. Stockholm-based design studio Form Us With Love approached the idea from an entirely different perspective–namely, the ceiling–and created Hood, a modular pendant system with a cavernous shade that gives the subtle effect of an enclave without the feeling of confinement.

The clever set-up requires four domed corner pieces between which unlimited panels can be placed, expanding the light out as far as fits the room–much like the addition of leaves to a dining table. Assembling the moulded polyester shade requires connecting the outward-facing folded seams with a series of small pegs around the aluminum frame and LED bulbs.

Because of its sheer size, the gang at FUWL actually refer to Hood as a piece of furniture, not a lamp; semantics, perhaps, but this fixture wasn’t created to fade into the surrounding decor. That’s assuming, of course, that there’s surrounding decor to begin with. The designers describe stark Scandinavian offices with little more than a laptop screen separating you from the closest coworker, and how those kind of open plans can also engender a sense of vulnerability. “Hood is built around the emotional value of a shelter, where the intimate room is protected, letting you keep the landscape view,” they explain on their site. Looking at the pics, there is definitely a sense that sitting under Hood’s soft arc would be far more appealing than trying to get comfortable under the harsh glare of a flat fluorescent shining down from above.

Hood is the latest collaboration with Swedish manufacturer ateljé Lyktan (which also produced the group’s genius Plug and bulbous Ogle), and is available in black, dark grey, light grey, sand, and red.