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Infographic of the Day

Here’s Your Designer-Approved March Madness ‘Bracket’

Brackets are so pedestrian. Get your 2013 NCAA Tournament radial bracket right here.

Last year, Hyperakt stunned us with their radial redesign of the famous NCAA tournament bracket. This year, they’re back, and they’ve provided a 2013 version that you can fill in to one-up your tasteless colleagues.

On top of that, they’ve also reconstructed every NCAA bracket, all the way back to the tournament’s roots, in a radial display. We’ve immortalized the evolution in animated-gif form here, but it’s remarkable to see how the tournament has grown, from a mere "elite 8" teams in 1939 all the way to 64 in 1985, in such an unbalanced fashion. As a half-hearted sports fan, I’d always assumed the tournament grew one tier at a time (as it did during the expansion to 16 teams in 1951). The reality is more a collection of subtle, sprouting extensions—the result of intense fandom snowballing over 70 years.

And if you’d like to order any of these years to keep, 24" x 36" prints are available for $65.

Buy them here.