A Nightclub That Deserves To Be Seen With The Lights On

Like some of the people you’ll find inside, nightclubs can look considerably worse in the light of day. If you’ve ever gone back to a venue the morning after to pick up a credit card and noticed that the glamorous dance platform from the night before is, in fact, just a crudely painted, oversized block of wood, you’ll know what I mean. Smoke machines and green laser lights hide all sorts of blemishes.

Electric, in Paris, doesn’t have anything like that to hide; it’s intended to look good at all hours. The venue, designed by Mathieu Lehanneur in collaboration with architect Ana Moussinet, does double duty: restaurant by day, club by night.

Lehanneur describes it thus: “If Alice in Wonderland had liked rock this is where she would have spent her days and nights …” He’s probably referring to the massive black tree trunk that anchors the space, holding up a tangled canopy of speakers and lights. But even that audiovisual monster ends up competing with the view–the thousand square meter penthouse space, covered on one side with floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooks the Eiffel Tower.

The inside was designed with versatility in mind, with a smattering of couches, tables, and chairs that can be arranged depending on the event. Various soundproofed nooks offer places to retreat from the action, or, probably, convenient places for knackered partygoers to pass out. That probably wouldn’t end up being so bad. They might find the place looks even better in the morning.KV