A Clever Museum Logo Jumps From Gallery Walls

The indoor-outdoor Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands gets a new type identity that smartly captures its essence.

The Kröller-Müller Museum is located in Hoge Veluwe, a national park in the Netherlands, just over an hour’s drive outside of Amsterdam. It boasts the world’s second largest collection of Van Goghs and the biggest sculpture garden in all of Europe. Still, it’s little known to tourists and often passed over by the Dutch themselves. The museum’s hoping their bold new visual identity can change that.


The brand, developed by the firm Edenspiekermann, is based around a new logo and typographic concept with letterforms that look like they’re folding out right from surface they’re printed on. Words appear as a series of tiny typographic doors–an eye-catching effect that’s clever on a few levels.

For one, the concept addresses the museum’s central concern of drawing in more visitors. What could be a better invitation than an open door? But the brand also smartly reflects Kröller-Müller’s unique character, especially its indoor-outdoor offerings. Unlike a typical museum, where the art hangs flat against the walls, Kröller-Müller’s attractions are more varied. There are things to look at inside and out–on two-dimensional canvasses and in the round. The new logo’s 3-D type, which jumps off the wall and into the real world, perfectly captures that appeal.


The art isn’t the only draw for Kröller-Müller, though–the surrounding park, some 55 square kilometers of woods, dunes, and heathland, is part of the museum experience. The brand evokes that, too. With each letter casting a subtle shadow, the text offers a somewhat unusual promise to viewers, at least coming from a museum: “If you visit us,” it suggests, “you might get to enjoy a little sunshine too.”

Jeroen Disch, a designer at Edenspiekermann, says the novel typographic concept offers all sorts of visual possibilities and hopes that they’ll be able to “explore the basic principles in surprising ways” in future campaigns. One such example? Animated letters, like the ones in the video above, that subtly flutter as though they’re being blown in the wind. It almost makes you feel the breeze–another sensation you probably don’t often associate with a visit to the museum. Van Gogh would like that, though. He loved painting outdoors.

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