Beautiful Desktop Trays To Corral Your Office Tools

Computers have rendered the need for desk accessories all but obsolete. Gone are the stacks of paper piled high in actual, physical inboxes and outboxes! So long to the staplers and binder clips! Farewell, sweet, stretchy rubber bands! Despite the fact that most of our important info exists on hard drives or floating around in the cloud, there are still some real-world necessities that are imperative to have on hand during a standard work day. Coffee, for instance, is absolutely one of those things.

Japanese industrial design brand Ideaco has streamlined modern desktop must-haves into two simple wooden trays with custom spots to put the barebones office basics. Each has a place to put a small memo pad and a smartphone, complete with special grooves to keep charging cords in place; both also have a porcelain coaster, which can be used for either a mug (caffeine!) or pens (and that’s why you always leave a note).

Now, maybe the real difference between the two is just semantics–you could undoubtedly drink out of the pen cup and stick your writing utensils in the mug–but either way, both manage to corral all the bits and bobs that would otherwise be stuck in pockets, tossed in the bottom of bags, or strewn with reckless abandon across an otherwise tidy workspace (or untidy–no judgement here).

Order your own Pen or Mug Tray in the U.S. from Leibal; they’ll both be available in June.

(h/t Spoon & Tamago)JK