This Zip-Up Futon Is Half Couch, Half Cocoon

If you ask me, the American futon is a distended perversion of the Japanese sleeping mat. Fitted with a giant mousetrap of a frame, then stuffed with several layers of Snuggle guts to compensate for all those bars that inevitably grind into your cheeks, our futons aren’t convenient sofas that turn into beds. They’re the food court sushi, the Firecracker Philadelphia Dragon rolls of our living rooms.

Camp Daybed, by Stephanie Hornig, pares down the futon to something that’s both more elegant and more whimsical. During the day, it’s kind of a couch. At night, you unzip the pad and slip inside. That’s right, it’s not a couch you sleep on, it’s a couch you sleep in.

Now, we could approach this invention logically–arguing over the merits of what’s essentially a sleeping bag with legs, citing the probabilities of low-depth domestic floods or ground-based roach swarms. Wikipedia would be involved.

Or we could approach this invention ergonomically–pondering how a few vinyl straps prevent those steel pegs from shish-ka-bobbing our backsides. Someone would mention Herman Miller, which would lead to Aeron chairs and lamentation of the first bubble burst.

But like with good sushi, sometimes the best option is to just close your eyes and sink in.

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[Hat tip: swissmiss]MW