Watch: A Jewelry Ad Worthy Of Magritte And Max Headroom

Your typical jewelry ad has to elevate a murky quarter carat gem into a Captain Planet-esque omniforce of nature. That rock is simultaneously a sparking flint to relight the fires between your loins, an oxidized iron ore to anchor your relationship in troubled waters, and an immovable cornerstone to support and cement hearth and home. And, what do you know, it’s on sale!

As for this particular jewelry ad, for Delfina Delettrez’s S/S 2013 collection? Director Daniel Sannwald isn’t interested in the standard tropes. Instead, we see disembodied appendages float through an infinite expanse where lenses have never heard of bokeh, like Lawnmower Man gone couture. It’s a new aesthetic wasteland (or paradise?) where everything is trapped in a state of white, post-CGI fallout–save for the jewelry.

But oddly enough, these surreal ears, noses, and arms stop feeling so strange after a moment or two. Because where that Zales ad has us hypnotized by the charming hero bringing his girl-next-door princess a generic black box in the rain, Delfina Delettrez’s washed-out human pieces actually double as mannequins, drawing your eye to the actual merchandise rather than sentiment.

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[Hat tip: Creators Project]MW