A Lamp Inspired By Stewie From “Family Guy”? Why Not

Consider the crossover between high-end Italian lighting and foul-mouthed American cartoon tots: it doesn’t seem like there would be much in the middle of that bizarro venn diagram (or anything at all, really). Right? Wrong! Stewie, a new floor lamp from Foscarini, takes its name and top-heavy form from the football-headed Family Guy character.

Designer Luca Nichetto explains his creative vision behind the “friendly shape” in the video above. “It almost becomes a little person,” he says. (I think it’s a bit more reminiscent of Eve from Wall-E, but that’s just me.)

The outer shell is made from a heat-shaped polyethylene–similar to material commonly used to make luggage and travel gear–and is pliable to the touch; in this way, the fixture has the comfy essence of a soft goods accessory, like a big pillow. A prismatic fabric covers the oversized concave shape, meaning light is both reflected and absorbed, which offers a gentle ambient glow around the upholstered, rounded rectangle framed in the middle. No in-your-face spotlight here; this baby is built for lounging around.

And, hey, if you’re a serious animation superfan, there’s always the opportunity to complement Stewie with a chair in the shape of your favorite member of The Simpsons.JK