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Watch: A Graphic Designer’s Lovely Animated CV

You know you’re doing something right as a company when talented designers are crafting bespoke video CVs to apply for a job that pays €300 a month.

Watch: A Graphic Designer’s Lovely Animated CV

Hort is one of the most sought-after companies amongst design students looking for jobs. So much so that the design agency has strict guidelines for when and how young designers can apply for internships, which last up to six months and pay a paltry sum of €300 a month (sounds brutal, but that’s actually pretty standard, unfortunately). Despite their specific guidelines, Hort leaves the content pretty much open to the applicant–you’re free to submit whatever showcases your thinking as a designer, as long as it isn’t boring schoolwork.


“I was scratching my head for ages wondering what the best format would be to show this portfolio in,” says Mark Prendergast, a recent University of Brighton illustration grad, in his application. “But since I make a lot of moving images, in the end it kind of seemed obvious.”

Prendergast calls his application a Hortfolio, and he makes a pretty good case for himself. His work tends to take the shape of cerebral meditations on the moving image, like 86 Seconds Of Color, a short that begins with 86 seconds of abstract colors and ends with the film cut into pieces and exhibited as a static art installation, or more recently, large-scale video vignettes that are created with the help of dozens of collaborators. It’s awesome work, but you can see how sending in a series of Vimeo URLs wouldn’t be the most concise job application.

Instead, Prendergast spends 20 minutes explaining, in frank language, the thinking behind each of his works. He plays the whole thing out by training the camera on himself playing a drum machine in his studio. Regardless of whether or not he gets hired, it’s a very refreshing glimpse into his creative process. And according to Prendergast, things are progressing with Hort–he’s received “very positive feedback” and is working at the office as part of Open Studio Club’s Free Desk Here project.

Check out more of Prendergast’s work here.

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