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Watch: A Golf Pro's Incredible Hovercraft Golf Cart

Cart paths? Who needs 'em.

Watch: A Golf Pro's Incredible Hovercraft Golf Cart
Kelly Rakowski/Co.Design (illustration)

Golf has been around since the 15th century. At some point in much more recent history, someone invented the golf cart and made the game even better. But did that make it perfect? No it did not. Why? Because a golf cart is not a golf hovercraft.

Bubba Watson, the professional golfer, is the man who dared to dream this wheelless dream, and we should be thankful he did. The BW1, his prototype hovercart, built with the help of Australian hovercraft expert Chris Fitzgerald, is a thing of beauty. A testament to man’s imagination and a monument to his ingenuity.

And, as it turns out, not entirely ridiculous! As we see in the clip above, the BW1 goes places regular carts can’t. It doesn’t drive around sand traps; it skids right through 'em. Water hazards? Not so hazardous when you’re riding on a cushion of air. And as we hear from Fitzgerald, the hovercraft expert, the craft’s footprint pressure is just a fraction of yours or mine, so you can scoot right up to the pin without messing up the green. Amazing.

Sadly, pro golfers aren’t allowed to use carts at PGA Tour events, so this may be the only chance we ever get to see the BW1 in action. But that’s fine. Seeing it once is enough for a lifetime.

[Hat tip: Deadspin]