Watch: Live iPad Doodling On A 120-Foot Screen

Usually, whether you’re doing it on a sheet of paper or in an app on your iPad, doodling is a private pastime. Here, not so much.

For an installation called Inkscapes, NYU ITP student Adrià Navarro and collaborator DI Shin linked three iPads running custom software to a 120-foot screen at the InterActive Corps building in New York City. Groups of artists were invited to draw on the tablets simultaneously, with their works taking super-size form on the wall ahead.

Inspired by the work of artists like Shantell Martin and Zach Lieberman, Navarro hoped to explore the idea of drawing as performance. “Our interest was to create this confrontation between the very intimate action of drawing on a sheet of paper–or an iPad, in this case–and the huge scale of the video wall,” he says.

But the artists at the pedestals weren’t the only performers, in this case. In the final version of the installation, Navarro was on his laptop controlling how the sketches looked on the big screen, introducing glitches and other visual hiccups on the fly. At least no one could really tell if the software was buggy.

See more of Navarro’s work here.KV