Wanted: A Stylish Rolltop Backpack

And a modular design lashes pouches in different sizes to the outside.

Handbags may be a fetish item in the fashion world, but I’d argue that the average commuter feels just as much passion about backpacks. Rolltop or messenger? Foreign or domestic? Obnoxiously expensive or ironically crappy?


The Swedish company Unit Portables prides itself on making bags that, in their words, “fill the the gap between boring computer bags and snobbish fashion notebook bags,” which are sort of the same thing ultimately. Their latest release is an interesting backpack-laptop bag called Unit 15, which hybridizes the popular rolltop look with a rectangular laptop case.

The cool thing about Unit Portables is that each of the company’s bags is woven with a set of standard canvas straps across the exterior–to which you can add any number of additional bags, such as smaller packs for your power cord or hard drives. It’s a modular system for your stuff.

You can buy Unit 15 for around $100 here.

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Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan is Co.Design's deputy editor.