Infographic: An Amazing Map Of Every College Mascot

Michigan is my hometown school (yeah, I don’t want to talk about it), and I always thought we had the wolverine all to ourselves. Apparently not so! The 30,000 undergrads at Utah Valley University, I’ve learned, proudly call themselves Wolverines, too, as do the 2,000-some students at Wesley College, in Delaware. And if you’ve always thought your alma mater’s mascot was unique, well, I’ve got some bad news for you.

The Chart of Collegiate Sports Teams is the latest from Pop Chart Labs, a massive map laying out the mascots for more than 1,100 schools from Division I to Division III. Unsurprisingly, a good deal of real estate is dedicated to animals. It’s there you’ll find the Wolverines (in the “weasel family” subcategory of the “mammals” section), along with big names like the Minnesota Golden Gophers and some lesser-known ones like the Rhodes College Lynx. Bulldogs and Tigers are both significant hubs, though the Eagle looks to be the most popular mascot of all, with 60 schools claiming it as their avatar.

Of course, there are some unique snowflakes in the bunch–not actual “Snowflakes,” though there are several Storms, a few Tornadoes, two Thunders, a Lightning, and a Dust Devil. Some of the more colorful among them include the Brandeis Judges, the UMASS-Dartmouth Corsairs, and the Akron Zips.

But it’s the students of Webster University, just outside St. Louis, that can be most sure of their mascot staying their own. The Gorlok, a mythical creature with the paws of a cheetah, the horns of a buffalo, and the face of a Saint Bernard, was created in a schoolwide contest in 1984.

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