TVs Shouldn’t Look Like The Death Star

The modern, ultraslim design of today’s HDTVs can be a boon to domestic aesthetics; gone are those bulky backsides filled with now-outdated tech that required a stand the size of a small domestic island and the curved screens that seemed to attract dust like a powerful magnet. Handheld devices are on the rise, enabling viewing from anywhere. For now, living rooms are still largely organized around the good ole boob tube. But for Robert Bronwasser of Smool, there’s something essential missing from today’s sleek black slabs of glass and metal. “The television is a great source of entertainment,” he tells Co.Design. “So why not make it look more exciting?”

Homedia is a new concept the Dutch industrial designer is debuting in Milan next week, as part of his studio’s Enjoy Everyday Design exhibition. Bronwasser will present a working prototype that softens the set’s silhouette, transforming the fixture into a kind of furniture hybrid held up by a trio of slim legs. “You can choose whatever fits your style for all your other interior products,” he says of his decision to tackle the telly. Upholstery is the main design element here–it seems that the options could be almost limitless, allowing for a thick knit, a lightweight linen, or heck, a gold lamé cover if that’s what you’re into.

Instilling industry standards with newfound personality is one of Bronwasser’s creative manifestos. “Design is about more then just looks,” he says. “I want to show that thinking about a product–the way it is used and where it is used–can result in new solutions. And I believe design should focus more on adding value to products people use every day and less on products in limited editions for galleries.”

Catch Enjoy Everyday Objects at Ventura Lambrate in Milan, April 9 through 14.