This Office Chair Is A Swing! Now Get Back To Work

Finally, a chair that’s not modeled after a particularly intense prostate exam.

We’re about to ruin every chair for you forever. It’s not hyperbole. It’s one of those ideas that once seen it can never be unseen. So consider this a spoiler alert for your derriere.


Most office chairs, despite how ergonomic they may appear, are actually just sticks up your butt.

Oh, they’re padded! They’re spring-loaded and fit with hydraulics, too. But they’re not like the Scoop, a chair by KiBiSi for Globe Zero 4, that rather than lifting you with a pole intersecting with a point 4 inches below your anus, gently cup you from the sides, suspending the entire seat in midair like a swing.

“Because the chair hangs from its suspension system, rather than sitting on it, you get a different feel,” Creative Director Jens Martin Skibseted tells Co.Design. “Free floating if you like –your subjective feeling will be unique to you, but it will be different than sitting on a stick up your behind.”

As you sit, Scoop’s angle will adjust to you, like a gyroscope crossed with a recliner. The range of motion is fixed, of course, and KiBiSi tweaked the feel of the tilt by hiding springs within the seat’s shell.

“It seems very natural in use and somehow reminds you more of sitting in a swing and friendly to get in and out of,” writes designer Lars Larsen. “Providing this natural feel in use has been a focus and a technical challenge – we wanted it to have a simple DNA and not being a technical chair by appearance.”

No doubt, the best office chairs have found all sorts of methods to mitigate pole-up-the-rear syndrome, like exoskeletons to absorb the weight, fabrics suspended on a frame and several chastity belts worth of memory foam. The Scoop just does it a lot more elegantly than most.


But, and there’s always a but, the visual metaphor alone has left me squeamish in my own seat this morning.

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