Rebranding A CPA Company, Just In Time For April 15

You don’t want your accountant to be too cool, right?

Though there are plenty of CPAs who will disagree, in the court of public opinion, accounting ranks just above insurance in terms of professional glamour. Yet it’s a super competitive market, and so for many companies, projecting an appealing image to clients is surprisingly important.


That was the brief handed down from Anders, a St. Louis CPA and business advisory company, who invited design agency Atomicdust to rethink their identity earlier this year. The company–which has been around for a few decades–asked for an iterative brand that could convey their diverse business, which includes wealth management for high net-worth individuals and regular old tax prep.

Originally called Anders Minkler & Diehl, the first move Atomicdust made was to pull a Madonna and cut off the company’s last two names. They also dreamt up a hip-sounding tagline, “Always On,” designed to conjure up the image of your wealth advisors getting up at 3 a.m. to watch the Asian markets for you (or, that’s what I see, whatever). “The biggest challenge in designing the identity for Anders was really keeping things appropriate for the CPA industry while infusing more youthful and dynamic elements into the brand,” explains Atomicdust Creative Director Mike Spakowski. “We wanted to balance the company’s conservative stability with their more forward-thinking approach to business.”

The visual identity follows the lead of the sloganeering, with a slew of unique icons for each area of the company’s business. The official logomark is a sleek, translucent triangle that spins off of the a in Anders. A gradient library of colors change depending on context. That, plus a friendly looking new website, makes the whole company seem fairly approachable–no small feat for an industry that many of only think about when we absolutely have to. “You can be corporate and professional, still have an approachable culture, and most importantly a heart,” adds Spakowski.

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