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Data-Viz Guru Nicholas Felton Is Leaving Facebook

The designer who turned everyday minutiae into beautiful life logs moves on.

Data-Viz Guru Nicholas Felton Is Leaving Facebook

Nicholas Felton, the data viz superstar who joined Facebook two years ago, is leaving the company, according to a post on his Facebook page. In the update, he writes:

The opportunity to help mold a service of such importance to so many people has been a high point in my professional career. I’m extremely proud of the projects I worked on, grateful to the teams that build them and confident in the products to come.

Though Felton’s stay was a relatively short one, his impact on the site was huge. His beloved annual reports were a huge inspiration for Facebook Timeline, a redesign that turned drab profile pages into beautiful, personalized life logs.

It’s hard to imagine that the design polish evident in Facebook’s other recent endeavors, like the new Home launcher for Android, isn’t a little indebted to him, too.

We’re reaching out for comment from Felton about what he’s got planned next, and we’ll let you know when we hear back.