A Coffee Table Designed By Your DNA

Everybody wants a home that’s uniquely their own–a dwelling that reflects their style and sensibilities. Tjep, the Dutch design house, has a surefire way to achieve that: a collection of furniture with DNA-driven design.

The studio showed off its new collaboration with Dutch DNA, the first of its kind, at last week’s Milan Furniture Fair. The collection includes pendants, rings, sculptural pieces, and a long, irregular coffee table, each formed by genetic code.

The version of the glass-topped Darwin table pictured here was formed from the DNA of Giulia Wolthuis, a contemporary dancer and the daughter of Dutch DNA founder Eric Wolthuis. The process starts with a standard genetic profile. After being analyzed by a lab in Holland, a piece of software translates the individual’s unique genetic characteristics into personalized 3-D forms. Exactly how this happens isn’t entirely clear, but if you don’t like how it looks, well, sorry, but it’s really no one’s fault but your own. Or maybe your parents.

But the process isn’t limited to a single individual’s contributions. According to the studio, couples can pitch in genetic data to make joint, co-designed products. “I see two lovers creating unique artifacts for their shared home that is truly a conjoint reflection of both individuals,” says Frank Tjepkema, Tjep’s lead designer and founder.

A DNA-inspired, one-of-one limited edition coffee table is definitely a way to ensure that your living room won’t be imitated. But in the case of that combo piece, you have to wonder: Who gets that when you break up?

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