Bold Outdoor Furniture Worthy Of Wonderland

If you take pride in your garden, it makes sense that you’d want to sit outside and enjoy it. And in selecting that seating, you have some options. You could go for something understated–some simple, useful chairs that wouldn’t distract too much from the floral array. Or you could pick up a few pieces from Jaime Hayon’s new outdoor line.

Gardenias is the all-star Spanish designer’s second collection for BD Barcelona Design, including a handful of different types of aluminum seats, a shelving unit, a watering can, and some unusual terracotta vases. All are intended for use in the garden, and a few might risk stealing the show from your flowers.

Every piece in the collection exhibits whimsy in some form. The chairs and benches sit on cute little feet and sport lithe, looping armrests. The vases have mouths that are only half-open. But the most striking piece in the line has to be the gorgeously top-heavy chair, a weatherproof throne that’s still lightweight enough to drag around when you need to. It wouldn’t really jump out at you if its slatted backrest stopped at shoulder level, where you’d expect it to. But instead, it keeps on going, curling around overhead to create an open-air canopy that’s part Alien, part Alice In Wonderland.

As Hayon explains in the clip above, the collection was an attempt to inject some fun and feeling into a category that’s skewed minimalist and utilitarian of late. “For some reason, in the history of …making chairs for gardens, for terraces, for spaces outside, we have lost the glamour,” he says. Now, it shouldn’t be hard to find. Look up–it’s curved all around you, dangling fabulously overhead.

[Photo credit: Klunderbie]KV