A Solar-Powered, Hand-Cranked Digital Camera

Digital photography has gained virtually every advantage over analog, except for an old, enduring trick: With the right camera and enough film, you can take tens of thousands of photographs without ever reaching for fresh batteries or the A/C adapter.

The Sun & Cloud, by Superheadz, is a charming, if impractical, compromise. It’s a digital camera powered by a solar panel on top and a crank on the side, capable of firing off as many 3MP stills and as much 30FPS video as you can fit on a MicroSD card. You can even add Instagram-esque filters.

Now, I’m not sure you can call it the pinnacle of industrial design, but there are worse ideas than playing off the chunky aesthetic of a toy camera whilst squeezing in a few options for smart, renewable power. The retailer never clarified just how much sun or forearm power is needed per exposure, but I’m guessing that should you find yourself in the exact survivalist situation needed to truly take advantage of the Sun & Cloud, you’ll also find within yourself the will to crank your way to a last will and testament.

The camera is available now for $199.

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