From Berg, A Birdhouse Powered By Your Twitter Stream

The last time we checked in on designers at Berg, they were helping Google imagine the future of objects. Before that, they were putting the finishing touches on the Little Printer.

Now, with #FLOCK, they may have solidified their place as kings of technological whimsy. Because #FLOCK is a handmade series of birdhouses that follows, @s, and retweets through delightful animatronics–the quirky-yet-understated movements of tiny mechanical birds.

Sadly, the project isn’t for sale. Instead, this extremely limited batch was produced as a proof of concept for the studio’s new Berg Cloud Dev Kit, which is basically a hardware bridge to connect the Internet to Arduinos, enabling your bespoke physical projects to speak with the voice of cloud data.

These cloud bridges are certainly on-trend (the most recent of which we’ve seen from Twine), and for good reason: As of today, the only gadgets we can depend on routinely talking to the Internet are our laptops and smartphones. Cloud bridges will allow exploration into the Internet of things, or whatever you want to call it, while costs come down to build networking components into everyday objects.

Now if only Berg could mail us its quirky industrial design team as an optional add-on to their cloud dev kit, we’d be all set. Oh, and a big table, lathe, and some superglue, too, thanks.

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