A Bike Pump That Hides In Your Seat Post

Flat bike tires are a massive bummer, but pinch-flats are almost extra frustrating; rather than running over a stray nail or something sharp in the street, these sneaky snakebite-like holes most often occur after rolling out on under-inflated tires. So, basically, it’s your own damn fault if you forget to check the pressure before you ride. D’oh!

Sure, portable pumps and CO2 inflators offer decent on-the-go assistance if you’re super low, but the cycle-savvy experts at BioLogic created a clever, multi-functional tool that won’t take up any extra space in your bag (or get accidentally left behind at home). PostPump is a removable seatpost that doubles as a full-powered floor pump, transforming with a few simple steps; so, you know, James Bond might own one if he regularly pursued master villains on two wheels. Following the success of the original, the brand introduced version 2.0 last year with a host of refined features that make it even easier to use: a revamped “flip-to-fit” adapter works for both Presta and Schrader valves; parts that were previously made in plastic–pump head, foot stand, and air hose–were replaced by far sturdier machined aluminum, stainless steel, and flexible rubber; and the overhaul was enough to net the product a Red Dot award.

Currently the PostPump 2.0 is only offered in a 33.9mm diameter version designed specifically for bikes made by Biologic’s “sister company” Tern, which specializes in ultra-portable folding models, but the company plans to incorporate additional sizes in the future. In the meantime, be conscientious and show your tires love by keeping them super firm at all times.

(h/t Design You Trust)JK