A Rugged, Clip-On Speaker Takes Siri Out On The Trails

Chris McKleroy was biking up a mountain in Northern California one day, a portable speaker linked to his phone, when he got a call. Not wanting to reach for his pockets on the move to take it or silence the ringer, he had to (annoyingly) listen to the entire ringtone before his own music came back on. And that’s how the Rex was born.

The hexagonal, portable speaker adds Siri integration, making the tiny audio box a smart solution for hands-free outdoor use. “It’s all about catering to someone who’s in motion,” McKleroy tells Co.Design. “You can be biking up a hill and change the track without taking your iPhone out of your pocket, or answer a phone call or deny an incoming phone call.”

The portable bluetooth speaker market is currently jam-packed: Jambox, Beats Pill, the little Turtle Shell speaker that wooed Kickstarter backers. Rex distinguishes itself with a tiny but important innovation: a steel clip. The clip means Rex attaches to your backpack strap, your dog leash, your handlebars, your rearview mirror–the list goes on.

Get the Rex here for $99.MR