Watch: A Tilt-Shift, Time-Lapse View Of Melbourne

Hoping to explore–and expose–a new side of his native Australia through a camera lens, photographer Nathan Kaso set out with his Canon 5D Mark II to make Miniature Melbourne; the result combines the twee appeal of tilt-shift with the ants-marching effect of time-lapse.

The whole project was a season-spanning 10 months in the making, during which Kaso decided to document various festivals and public events to provide the most vibrant possible take on how Melbournians live. He cased Google Maps in satellite mode to scout suitable rooftop locations with prime, unobstructed views, and took to the streets on foot to find parking lots and public spaces that offered clear vantage points. All the images were shot as stills for the best quality and resolution, with the tilt-shift effect applied later in Photoshop; after that, the entire thing was converted to video in After Effects, and edited in Premiere Pro.

Watching the teeny people in bustling crowds, the bitty parades passing by, the small-scale construction sites, the sun and shadows travel across the metropolis–it’s enough to make you feel oversized and insignificant, all at the same time.

(h/t Colossal)JK