An Eco-Friendly Lamp That’s Actually Beautiful

Ugly, greenwashed products are a dime a dozen. Here’s a lamp that doesn’t lean on its eco-friendly nature to be desirable.

The word “bohemian” comes to mind. The Drawstring Lamp is full of understated cool, a casual conveyance of “oh, I just artfully sewed together this clever shade before you came over!” In reality, it’s a very smart take on a truly friendly eco-friendly lamp. It’s a collaboration that began when Design Stories asked artisan recyclers at Returhuset for some extra fabric.


“We found lots of cuts from amazing sunscreen material originally used for curtains in big glass windows,” explains Design Stories’ Jenny Stefansdotter. “The inspiration for the lamp came from looking closely on the characteristics of the material and what new invention it could be used for.”

As it turns out, that fabric could be used for a lot. When combined with a clever drawstring mechanism, the stiff textile becomes a hand-shapeable form. Yet at the same time, with no solid structural pieces to speak of, the shade can also be flattened and rolled up for quick shipping.

So structurally, it’s a sound, eco-conscious design. But the last step comes in how the fabric deals with bulbs themselves. Why not just leave the bulb totally exposed, I asked the team, wouldn’t that be even more eco-friendly than using any fabric shade at all? Not so when it comes to the color temperature of energy-efficient bulbs. The shade doesn’t just diffuse light; many of the fabrics can actually warm the color temperature.

“The fruity colors of the shade is also an important part because of how it transforms the light from light sources like LED and low-energy bulbs into an atmospheric lighting,” Stefansdotter explains. “The problem I see with many lamps on the market is that they are dependent on an incandescent or halogen lamp to look nice when we really are supposed to use more energy effective bulbs.”

If you are interested in a Drawstring Lamp of your own, you can get in touch with the company for pricing.

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