A Human-Powered Kitchen On Wheels, Complete With Dining Table

These days you can find all sorts of options for food on the go. There are food trucks pretty much everywhere you look in today’s cities, many specializing in dishes you’ve probably never even heard of. And yet, as delicious as all this new sidewalk cuisine is, it does leave us with a pressing question: Where are we supposed to eat this stuff?

That’s one of the things addressed by Mobile Hospitality, a project by Austrian designers Ania Rosinke and Maciej Chmara. The duo’s two-wheelbarrow system not only has a full mobile kitchen–a food cart that specializes in a home cooked meal, you could say–but also includes a dining table with seating for 10.

For the designers, the carts were a chance to reinvigorate public spaces around their city–places that were increasingly overlooked in today’s eyes-glued-on-our-smartphone society. As Rosinke explains, the real joy wasn’t in designing the kitchen-on-wheels (though it does cleverly pack in room for pots and pans, a small herb garden, some burners, and cooking utensils) but in actually putting the thing to work, having a spontaneous sit-down meal with the first 10 people to cross their path.

“The reactions were really great,” the designer says. Some of their impromptu guests brought them post-facto hostess gifts the next day, like bottles of wine and homemade marmalade. Other diners, Rosinke recalls, actually followed the chefs to the next city over in hopes of scoring another complimentary meal. I guess that’s the danger of being too hospitable.

See more of the duo’s work here.KV