Modular Tableware Inspired By Kids’ Building Blocks

Like any young person who doesn’t have a single respectable set of tableware so much as a random hodgepodge of plates and bowls and stray utensils, I have a few particular pieces I love and a good many more that just get the job done. I’m not sure if Varia, a mix-and-match set by Gaia Bottari, is guaranteed to yield one bowl you’ll really adore, or if it just guarantees a whole bunch of permutations that will suffice, but at least you get to play with them before you find out.

The modular tableware set includes several pieces, made out of marble, wood, plastic, and cork, that can be variously arranged to preference. Stacking any one piece atop another results in a slightly different bowl or a cup. “Varia wants to be an example of open design whose products are not defined just by the brand but even by the final user,” Bottari explains on her website.

For the project, the Milanese designer drew inspiration from children’s stacking games. “When you are a child you like something for a moment, but then you change your mind in a second,” Bottari says. Just try not to change your mind and rebuild your bowl in the middle of the soup course.

See more of Bottari’s work here.

Hat tip: Design MilkKV