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Bang With Friends, Facebook's "Klout For Banging," Goes Mobile

The service for lustful friends introduces apps for Android and iPhone.

Bang With Friends, Facebook's "Klout For Banging," Goes Mobile

In February we told you about Bang With Friends, a Facebook app that lets lustful users do away with flirty messages, courtship, innuendo—really subtlety of any kind—and get straight to the banging. The premise is fantastically simple, and, most important, totally embarrassment-proof: Upon installing, you’re asked to go through your friends list and pick which ones you’d sex, but the key is that your carnal desires are only announced to a potential partner if they pick you with the app, too.

Since launching, the app has moved over 200,000 users from "friends" territory into "friends with benefits" territory. And now, to help lubricate the wheels of love even more, wherever its users happen to be, the developers have rolled out Bang With Friends apps for iPhone and Android.

The mobile apps have all the functionality of the original, along with a few new features. The first, the developers note, is the "much anticipated option to 'undo a bang,'" or to remove a friend from your approved list of lovers. Strange that that hasn’t been available until now, but it’s a good inclusion. Of all the awkward conversations that arise out of our crazy tech-enhanced lives, "Um, sorry, but I didn’t actually mean to OK you on Bang With Friends" has got to be among the worst.

The second new feature on the mobile apps is the option to assign people an "up for hang" status. "BWF is all about honest intentions," the team explains. "With that in mind, we’re trying out an option to hang with your friend first." That makes sense, I guess, though you have to wonder if it does away with some of the app’s magic. Part of the appeal of Bang With Friends, at least on a conceptual level, was the utterly straightforward, binary bang-or-no-bang framework it forced onto the messy realities of romance. Add too much gradation and you might as well just try hitting on someone in real life.

Download the apps in the App Store or on the Google Play market.

[Image: Couple via Shutterstock]