Kickstarting: A Compact Speaker That Fits In Underused Corners

Alex Walker, Jack Brody, and Madeleine Thompson are all fourth-year product design students at the Stanford D.School. During the course’s capstone class, the trio teamed up to take a single concept from ideation to realization, and after a few false starts, inspiration emerged from the void–specifically, the empty, unused interior space where walls and ceiling meet. Tiptop is their finished product (currently in Kickstarter mode), a triangular bluetooth speaker that positions snugly in the corner, maximizing acoustics and making your sweet, sweet music sound even better.

Aesthetically, the clean lines, solid colors, and perforated screen are Jambox-esque, but the new angles give Tiptop an interesting edge. A single screw will keep the magnetic mount in place, the magnetic speaker will pop right in, and its rechargeable lithium ion battery will last for 10 hours of high-volume tuneage. The pyramid itself is completely portable as well, projecting your chosen playlist up and out when set on a desktop or shelf.

Tiptop seems especially handy for teeny apartments (or dorms, natch) where spare surface areas are scarce–though upstairs and next-door neighbors might not be into the speaker’s super-close adjacency.

Contribute to Tiptop’s Kickstarter campaign here. JK