Infographic: A Beautiful Cheat Sheet For Two Dozen Espresso-Based Drinks

Ugh. Just when you kinda sorta started to get a handle on the wide world of wine, along comes another new liquid metric for how cosmopolitan you really are (or aren’t): coffee. The variety is daunting. The differences are minute. This graphic should at least help with one subsection of the catalog.

Exceptional Expressions of Espresso, the latest from Pop Chart Lab, is a lovely visual guide to 23 espresso drinks, or, in their words, “a world tour of the purest form of coffee.” Feel free to borrow that description the next time you’re on a coffee date.

Click to enlarge.

The chart, created in collaboration with Orbit Visual Graphic Design, covers the big names–the lattes and the macchiatos–as well as lesser-known varieties, like the Galão (30 mL espresso, 90 mL foamed milk) and the Café Bombón (60 mL espresso, 60 mL sweetened, condensed milk). If you’re looking for something more straightforward, you’ve got the Doppio (60 mL of espresso, as opposed to the standard 30), the Ristretto (22 mL of concentrated espresso), and the Lungo (90 mL of less concentrated espresso).

Though not quite as complex as Pop Chart’s recent works, it is a bit more useful as a reference. You do not want to mix up your breves with your bombóns when you’re trying to close a deal, business or otherwise.

Buy a print for $27 here.