Incredible Product Shots That Turn Light Fixtures Into Abstract Art

On design blogs, where lights, lamps, chandeliers, and the like pop up with astonishing frequency, it’s not often that you come across something with a bulb or a diode that truly stops you in your tracks. These fixtures from FLOS, however, demand a good, close look–though it’s not necessarily the lights themselves that are so striking; it’s the way they’ve been photographed.

Through the lens of the masterful Carl Kleiner, FLOS’s myriad contemporary offerings transform into a series of stunning abstractions. Track lights become echoes of Mondrian. In some instances, you might not even be able to tell which part is the product.

And that’s in large part what’s so refreshing about the work. Instead of going the product-as-hero route, with the lights beaming triumphantly against a sparse white backdrop, or doing the typical catalog thing and putting them into some immaculately styled “real life” tableau, Kleiner pushes the lights into a more pure realm of shape, color, and pattern. It’s a little exhilarating, which is not something you’d think to say about product shots of sconces.

In one sense, you could say that the geometric shots bring out the different formal qualities of each product. But at the same time, it seems like there’s something a little bit subversive about the treatment, too–the way Kleiner makes the ostensible subject just another component of his exquisite compositions. Plus, if your living room ceiling actually looked that beautiful, you’d probably end up with a seriously sore neck.

See more from the series here.KV