Love Hurts: A Breakup Kit To Mend Your Broken Heart

Breakups are hard and even harder to get over. No one could possibly understand what you’re going through, unless their names are Chocolate and Alcohol. Designer Melanie Chernock feels your pain and has produced a readymade breakup kit that’s guaranteed to lift your spirits.

Love Hurts takes its name from the Nazareth arena ballad, one track of many on a mix CD included in the bundle. Among the other items found in the bespoke kit: vodka, candles with matches, bubble soap solution, a pill bottle of candy hearts, tissues, and a bar of dark chocolate. Yes, the selections may seem obvious, but they’re presented with pointed insouciance and lighthearted play.

The “pills” are scrawled not with reassuring missives, but with frank messages of despair (“F*ck it”). Each article, wrapped in a minimalist white-and-red sleeve, is emblazoned with a medical heart. The heartbreak mix begins with “Love Hurts,” winds past “Hellhole Ratrace” and “The Last Goodbye,” and culminates with the soaring and perennially funny epic that is “Don’t Stop Believing.”

The young designer submitted the project as her thesis project at SVA. “The concept stemmed from an assignment to make an activity book.” Chernock tells Co. Design. “I thought it would be more interesting to make an activity kit instead. From there, I came up with the idea for a first aid kit for a broken heart.”

Chernock calls the project the “anti-Valentine’s Day gift.” She admits that she wanted to cast items like the chocolate and sugary medicants–the stuff of Valentines–in a more negative light, while still avoiding an overly lugubrious aesthetic. “I wanted to create a kit that would help ease the pain of a broken heart with a sense of humor.” Still, a little earnestness creeps in. As Chernock says, “if all else fails,” there are those tissues.