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Infographic of the Day

Watch: A Superb Introduction To The Wide World Of Infographics

Data visualization can be an esoteric subject. Here’s a great, 7-minute video to distill the topic for you.

Most people who know Co.Design know us, at least in part, for running a lot of infographics (or data visualizations, if you prefer that term). A lot of the time, we find that people are amazed by the images, but they don’t really understand why—what makes these pictures so entrancing, and are they actually important beyond serving as mere eye candy?

This clip is from a recent episode of PBS Off Book, and it’s an excellent primer to the world of data viz, with more than one face you’ll recognize from being featured on Co.D. And it’s an excellent excuse to close all of your other tabs and dedicate the next seven minutes (we know, an Internet hour!) to learning a bit about the field. I can almost guarantee that you’ll walk away with some new insight, or at least a greater appreciation, for the data all around you.

[Hat tip: FlowingData]

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