A Handsome Modular Seating Solution That Can Fit Any Public Space

Tom Lloyd, co-founder of the venerable London-based studio PearsonLloyd, has a nice way of describing Galleria, the new seating system his outfit recently designed for the Italian furniture brand Tacchini. He likens it to a collage. And he’s not kidding.

The Galleria’s mix-and-match, modular design may not be a first, but what is noteworthy is the variety of the modules involved, in terms of both functionality and material. Every unit starts with a steel spine, which can be arranged in any number of angular, Tetris-like formations to fill the space at hand. Then comes the fun part: figuring out how to distribute the array of upholstered rectangles and cylinders, leather cushions, and metal and marble tables at your disposal.

“We wanted to make something that could be built up by the buyer to fit a space,” Lloyd explained in a statement accompanying the recent unveiling. “With its simple overlay of the square and circle, colour, material and texture, there is a distinct architectural language to the piece.” The firm specifically cited the work of architects like Aldo Rossi and Carlo Scarpa as inspiration.

The seating system is geared toward public spaces like waiting rooms and lobbies, and specific colors and materials can be requested based on the site. That being said, the fresh look, the fun of building your own piece, and the fact that all the components ship in flat-packed boxes might make it seem like an appealing solution for your living room. Just try to remind yourself that it’s not often you need bench seating for 10.

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