Ikea’s Lillön Grill Adds Midcentury Flare To Summer BBQs

If you’re a dude living in either 1965 or 2013, purchasing this grill is a forgone conclusion.

Ikea’s Lillön Grill Adds Midcentury Flare To Summer BBQs

“How would you classify this grill,” I ask Belinda Lanks, Co.D’s intrepid deputy editor.


“I’d say it’s retro midcentury,” she responds.

And with that, my suspicions were confirmed. I may adore Ikea’s newest grill, the $100 steel and ceramic Lillön (pronunciation here) that appears to float on air whilst making the average Weber look like a 1980s conversion van. I may have assumed it would make me stand out to my neighbors on the back porch–and thanks to its removable legs–serve as the perfect, designer-approved bratwursting machine for my next tailgate.

And it very much may! But it also means that I’m a cliché, yet another stereotypical dude who likes Mad Men and grilling. I like midcentury modern design, and I like charred beef.

I am an American man in 2013. I am an American man in 1965. Hear me roar.

Buy it here.

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