• 06.14.13

“Jony Ive Redesigns Things” Is The Best Tumblr This Week

Not sure how you feel about iOS 7’s unicorn color palette? Wait until you see it applied to stop signs and Star Wars.

By now we know that iOS 7’s abstract icons and fantastical color palette were likely inspired–at least in part–by Apple’s marketing department. But it’s just more fun to put all the blame on Jony Ive.


At least that’s the perspective of Jony Ive Redesigns Things, the funniest new tumblr this week. It’s essentially a collection of random Photoshops from around the web generated in response to iOS 7. Like any good parody, it amplifies the source material to extremes. In this case, all of the visual tropes of iOS 7–from the penchant for simple geometrical figures to the intensely colorful gradients–become mapped on everything from Coke cans to Storm Troopers.

Go ahead and enjoy some laughs at Apple’s expense–they can take it–so long as you recognize that iOS 7 actually looks a lot different when it’s full of your apps and wallpapers. iOS 7 isn’t modeled after unicorns. Its translucency means it’s modeled after you. (Of course, if you yourself are a unicorn, then you’re pretty much stuck with it.)

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