The Bouroullecs Reinvent The Chandelier As Hanging Fruit

If you had never seen a lamp or a chandelier and someone asked you to create one, you might end up with a design similar to Aim–formerly known as Lianes–from the prolific Bouroullec brothers. As evidenced by a recent look at hundreds of the design duo’s sketches, the Bouroullecs have a childlike propensity to experiment with different shapes and dimensions–as if they lack any preconception of the history of whatever it is they’re designing.

The French brothers unveiled the original Lianes design in 2010, in a limited-edition run at Galerie Kreo in Paris. The Lianes lamps slide up or down the hanging leather cords, so they tune to your needs: They work as overhead lighting or as reading lights, or they simply provide a soft ambient glow. Now, the Lianes network has been reincarnated as the Aim lamps, with just one change besides the name: The old lamp cords were outfitted in leather; the new, more minimal, Aim lights are not.

The Aim collection trumps several long-standing rules in lighting design. First, it ditches the convention of hanging chandeliers up high and at the intersection of room diagonals. Aim goes anywhere and hangs at any given height. The radical twist on Aim is the cables. For any piece of electrical décor, cords are an eyesore. Instead, the Bouroullecs put them front and center. The cords “proliferate into a forest of cables,” says designer Marco Romanelli. “The actual reflector is, after all, less important, simply a fruit hanging from any one of the cables. Aim is therefore not just a lamp, but an installation in a nutshell.”

The Aim Lamps are available in black or white. Shop Aim at Flos.MR